OCR is useful to create documents

There are many ways to create a document. One interesting way is this one: you scan the document and a special program called OCR will transform the text in an editable one. You can use a PDF creator (link) to edit and manage the document before scan

The program is for computer, but also there are versions for mobile.

Keyloggers ca steal data

Do you know what a keylogger is? According to this site it can be used in multiple ways to see what your employees are doing or to protect the kids while they are using computer. This program can record the activity on PC. To increase the privacy you can use a proxy service to not make your home IP address visible to public.

Do not forget to keep Windows updated and make backups.

Two Apps That Must Be Present on PC

If you get a new computer or reinstall the Windows, very soon you will be promted by various programs to install some drivers like this or like this one. I sugget you to make a collection with these small applications that are required by different programs.

Often i find annoying to search for them and install again and again, but if you get them in a folder or keep a list with links, it will be useful.